KT Public Relations and Literary Services and Literary Agency

Several years ago while waiting in the green room of a national television show with a client, Kae met an attractive young woman who was waiting her turn to be interviewed on the show. She had self-published a unique little gift book and Kae asked her if she'd considered getting it published by a publisher. The author liked the idea and, with the help of an agent colleague, Kae made her first book sale to Putnam. "I love this part of the business," said Kae. "It didn't take long for my husband Jon and my agent friend to convince me that we should consider becoming literary agents." Kae and Jon added KT Public Relations and Literary Services to their publicity agency in 2007. Since then they've sold several books to large houses and smaller venues. They are especially interested in mysteries, women's fiction, thrillers, and crime novels, but are always on the lookout for fine nonfiction and even young adult books.

I am Jon Tienstra

Literary Agent

After a twenty-year career in the pet food industry, Jon secured a masters degree in Library Science in preparation for a life with books. He joined Kae's firm in the late 90s and together he and Kae launched the literary agency arm of the company in 2007. "This agency is a lifelong dream," said Jon. A voracious reader, Jon's expertise includes an uncanny sense of the kind of books publishers are seeking in today's competitive market. Jon's successful slush-pile picks have included two books by Patrice Sarath and the national best-selling Blueberry Jam series by B.B. Haywood. Beautifully-written fiction: thrillers, mysteries, dystopia and science fiction rate high on Jon's list and good writing trumps all.

I am Kae Tienstra

Literary Agent

Kae Tienstra, a literary publicist since 1979, launched her literary agency with her husband Jon in 2007. She is interested in women's fiction, mysteries (especially cozy mysteries), nonfiction health, medical, psychology and nature books.